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According to me , it’s a process of growing. Growing wiser, growing stronger ( emotionally and physically) growing experiences and growing success as wells as failures.

Aging is not so bad , if you consider the alternative. Well, there isn’t one. You are constantly experiencing things and learning. The clock is always ticking and time is constantly running. Its on us how to make the most of our time. We always look back in time for life lessons and in future with hope for prosperity.

However, when we think about growing old or aging we have been a social stigma. People didn’t wanna grow old. It would be a little scary every year as they would blow more candles on their birthday cake. People did want to stay young forever.

Can two negatives result into something positive? The outcome of the social sigma and the fear of aging did result into people living a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, planning the second innings of their lives. People started adapting ways to keep their body and mind active. Baby boomers have started extending their retirement age. Furthermore, they have started planning their new career paths.

The population’s aging phenomenon is occurring worldwide. I say phenomenon because all population pyramids are reversing, meaning birth rates are steadily decreasing over the years, and at the same time, life expectancy has been increasing. Thus, the elderly population is growing at a faster rate than children.

On the other hand, there has certainly been an evolution of mind and technology in past few years. Due to which our lifestyle has changed. Somewhere we have become more dependent on technology as it is a prominent part of our daily activities.

It is important to recognize that good design for older adults is often good design for everyone. Engaging in Aging is important in this time of transition.

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